Social Media Frustrations

Hi Friends!

So this morning I was particularly frustrated with the content that was on my Facebook feed. I found that many of my “friends” were posting ignorant status updates that were derogatory in nature. As much as I agree that you should be able to express yourself freely through whatever outlet it may be, I believe that you should do so in way that is not putting down others. Within less that 5 minutes of scrolling through my feed, I found posts spanning from racist to homophobic and beyond. So I have decided to apply a new approach to my Social Media: instead of hiding someone’s content from my feed, I will simply “unfriend” them, because I no longer want to be associated with such behavior.

When I updated my status to inform people of my new procedure, my younger sister commented “There’s the passive aggressive sister I know and love. I do the same <3″. And she is absolutely right, I do have a tendency to handle situations in a passive aggressive manner. That being said, this has seemed to work quite well for me thus far, and I don’t plan on changing my ways any time soon!

You are in control of the content you see, at least for the most part, on your Social Media accounts. So I plea to you, follow internet lovers, please do not enable this sort of activity.